+ Staff

+ Dr.Giovanni Ercolani

Dr. Giovanni Ercolani is a specialist in International Terrorism, Security Studies, International Relations, Human Security, Conflicts, Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution, the Geopolitics of Energy, and Turkey and the Caucasus. His professional experience extends to academia, defense

+ Dr.Rahmi Karakuş

Dr. Rahmi Karakus is a senior associate of East and West institute. He holds a doctoral degree in Religious Philosopy. He is the head of that department and a board member of Sakarya University. His main research and expertise is in Turkish philosophy. He has published numerous books and articles on

+ Dr.Ömer Turan

Dr. Ömer Turan is a senior associate of East and West Institute . He has a Ph.D. degree from Leuven Catholic University in Belgium. He has two decades experience on International Relations. He spent extensive periods as researcher at universities such as Stanford, Harvard and Oxford. He is an exper

+ Dr.Yılmaz Soyyer

Dr. Yılmaz Soyyer is the major member of East and West Institute. He has completed his PhD in the Social Sciences Institute of Istanbul University. He has been announced as an expert of the Islamic schools which areAlevism and Bektasizm. He has written several articles and books related to this fie

+ Baran Dural

Baran DURAL is a senior associate of East and West Institute. He has Ph.d degree from Ankara University. He is an expert on Turkish politics especially rigt wing and nationalist parties. He has various articles and books on the research area. His last book on Turkish Nationalism is “Turkish Nation

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