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26 JULY 2005 
You are a journalist and lets suppose you are lost in Afghanistan when you went there for business. 
Yes you are confused and you are lost. You are not kidnapped. So what would be the result? 
It is a little bit difficult to answer this question in a positive manner. First of all, all of your friends would react to you. ?What were you doing there?? would be the first question to be answered. 
Nevertheless, let me ask you another question. What kind of a reaction should be reflected to the life standards of people who have been living in an environment where conflict and backwardness is dominant? What about those people who have been lost in a history where they seem to live 100 years ago world? 

Additionally, how could the effect of the Soviet invasion, Taliban regime and terrorism that surrounded the world could be eliminated? 

The answer is simple and unique: Patience, patience and patience. 

Who would benefit from the Taliban regime? Which groups have roles in the establishment of this group? Why it is not been hindered? Answering or trying to answer these questions for Afghani people is just a waste of time. 

However, it does not seem possible not only to control the Taliban regime, which grew out from the madrasahes of Pakistan but also to locate them into marginal conditions in a short time of period. Pakistan still doesn?t have the ability to hinder the madrasahes that educate members to participate to Taliban. 

The most important expectation for the stability and security of Afghanistan is the support of the neighbor countries. 

However, Afghanistan is another conflict matter between Pakistan and India. Iran is approaching to the Hazaras who live in the eastern part of their country. In addition, Afghanistan is located in a region where the borders are not determined clearly and where the permeability of humans cannot be controlled. 

The neighbor countries are approaching to the Afghani people according to their interests. 

Iran is educating the less valued population, the Hazaras, where the life of the Afghani people is not valued. Not for any power! Trying to create an educated population without any provision in a country where there is a high dimension of illiteracy could be perceived with several suspicions. 

Even though the government was selected through elections the idea of ?This government cannot heal the problems of Afghanistan? is very widespread. In order to end the conflict and the confusion in this country there are some ?must?s? to be solved. For example, Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar and groups who are close to these actors are in the first rank. 

The goal is to create the future through keeping democracy alive as an institution and animating the social and economic life as well. 

As I mentioned above, the problem of security is a major problem that must be solved. What effects the security problem are listed below: 

- Terrorist groups,Taliban, El-Quade, Hikmetyar and the radical groups, 

- Illegal groups, militia groups (drug smugglers, plunderers), 

- The criminal groups and mafia in big cities. 

Therefore, it is difficult to say that the elected government is adopted. Moreover, it is also claimed that the members of the government has connections with these groups. 

The expectations from the neighbor countries in case of solving these problems are clearly being announced. However, countries that perceive an Afghanistan without any problem as a threat keeps the way of their methods. 

It is really important the fact of the survival of Pakistan. Nevertheless, as long as it cannot control its own dynamics it could face with armed conflict very soon. Would not be a surprise if we see an eastern style reality in middle East-Asia line where the western style plans are being put into practice? 

Capital would narrow the survival field of the radical religion groups that hinders the well-programmed plans to put into practice. Capital would damage the countries that want to provide development with in cooperation with the rest of the world and to protect its internal order. 

In a country where you cannot speak its language or in a country that you know nothing about it, you would not lose your way or nothing will happen to you as long as you express yourself with body language. 

You would not be lost in Afghanistan either. Just try to express yourself in a way. 

Nevertheless, in some countries you better hurry up, if not then you would not be able to find people to understand you. 

The fastest solution to the major problem would hold out a promise to the future. 

3 APRIL ? 21 APRIL 2005 observations.