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Merkezi Ankara'da bulunan East West Studies düşünce grubu T.B.M.M. Sosyal Tesislerinde büyükelçilere iftar yemeği verdi. Yemeğe yabancı büyükelçilerden Fas Büyükelcisi Abdullah ZAGOUR, Tunus Büyükelcisi Muhammed LESIR, Venezuela Büyükelcisi Kaldone NWEHEIDE, Ürdün Büyükelcisi M

+ Founder of EWS November 9, 2007

Founder of EWS NOVEMBER 9, 2007 Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honored to talk to this distinguished audience. Thank You Dr. Giovanni and Dr. Frapi inviting me to discuss about inauguration of ICTS. And having chance to give some views from my perspective about Turkey. First of all

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PRESENTATION With the end of the bipolar system, Turkey has become a pivotal player in the most relevant areas of the world. Geographic proximity, cultural affinity and a balanced foreign policy have, in fact, made Turkey a key actor in the Wider Black Sea, Middle East and Central Asian areas.

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